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  • Attract new customers, drive more repeat guests, increase order volume and ticket size by having your restaurant featured on Baboo.

  • Boozy Burbs has launched an online ordering marketplace where people can order from their favorite local restaurants. No chains, ever. Baboo is for independent restaurants only.

  • We’ve partnered with BistroUX’s leading 1st party online ordering solution to provide independent restaurants the chance to build their own brand and cut down on commission costs.

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Why Baboo?

Baboo is for restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, markets or any independent business offering food for order ahead, pick up and delivery.

You keep tips on all pickup orders.

Why Baboo?

You get all of your guest’s contact info so you can email them and build your brand.

Your restaurant will get featured on and @boozyburbs Instagram.

Why is this different than other marketplaces?

  • 1
    No commissions, subscription fees or contracts ever.
  • 2
    Agreement is month to month.
  • 3
    For independent restaurants only.
  • 4
    Only available in the greater North Jersey area.
  • 5
    Free promotion.

How it works


  • One-time fee for brand new Tablet + Setup is $300.
    ● We mail the tablet which is yours to keep.
    ● No contract or commitment (Turn on/Turn off anytime).

  • If you already have your own delivery we are able to customize the delivery times and parameters (as per what we discussed).

How does delivery work?

  • Use your own drivers or we have a partnership though DoorDash Drive.

  • Fee structure for delivery:
    ● $0-$4 = Flat rate $2
    ● $5-$10 = Flat rate $4
    ● $20+ = Flat rate $5

  • Deliver fees can be paid by business, passed on to guest or split with guest.

  • Credit card processing via Stripe 2.9% + $0.30.

  • Payments are made weekly via ACH right into your bank account.

  • Access to dashboard with transaction data, analytics and customer information.

  • If you already have your own online ordering, you do not need to replace it but we do recommend it. You cannot participate in the marketplace if you do not have the first party ordering.

Marketing & Support

● Need help with marketing or recommendations on technology? We have a team of experts who are happy to give advice and help you grow your business.

● Support: Baboo has 24/7 support than can help you in both English and Spanish.

● Who is Baboo? Baboo was created by Andrew Lampach, founder of Boozy Burbs, David “Rev” Ciancio, hospitality marketing consultant co-founder of Handcraft Burgers & Brew and the team at BistroUX. Handcraft Burgers & Brew and the team at BistroUX. Handcraft

How to get started

1. Fill out these forms for onboarding.

Merchant Agreement

Merchant Onboarding

Payment Authorization

2. After filling out the forms, please send us the Menu for each location that wishes to partner so that we can start creating your Online Menus.